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AC Repair Services

AC Repair Services


Fresh & cool air is crucial to your family’s comfort. Having an air conditioner that works as efficiently as possible is a cool thing. There are times when problems arise, resulting in AC failure. By addressing the AC issues well in advance, you can reduce repair costs and prevent bugs. As a result, our company plays a vital role in AC repair across Hyderabad.

Harsha Enterprises is committed to serving you with a superior customer experience by delivering exceptional AC Repair and Services with the objective of constantly exceeding our customers’ expectations. The quality of our AC installations is our top priority including online forms, phone support and same-day service. Schedule an AC Repair and Service now.

Hyderabad’s arid climate with dry and hot days makes AC a necessity in homes and offices. As long as people keep resting, AC breakdowns are inevitable. In such situations, our expert staff offers immediate assistance to resolve AC problems without interrupting customer’s schedules. A single call with details brings our technicians to your door for repairs. 

Different Types of AC Repairs

Split AC Repair Services

Several issues arise with split air conditioners, such as refrigerant leakage, ice accumulation on cooling, frequent compressor shutdowns, starting problems, foul odors, noise, and the swing of the AC not working.

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Window AC Repair Service

Window Air Conditioners problems include dripping water, compressor cycles that cycle on and off too frequently, starting problems, ice formation, low cooling, & compressors that cycle on and off frequently.


Central AC Repair Service

Central ACs are the latest and most popular nowadays. They are prone to starting problems, thermostat problems, clogged air ducts, filter issues, leaks, noise, drainage issues, frozen evaporator coils, and more.

VRF / VRV Hitachi

Our cooling and heating solutions provide homeowners and businesses with the best climate control technology for creating and maintaining the ideal indoor environment. The advanced VRF solutions for multi-zone cooling and business applications provide the flexibility that every project needs, along with unbeatable efficiency. The elegant and efficient options in our collection are made to fit your space and needs.


AC Gas Charging / Filling

In the event that you are experiencing less cooling effects from your AC, you should contact Harsha Enterprises for AC gas replacement. Any leaks in the refrigerant line or any other damages which result in gas leaks are repaired by our technicians. As part of our services, we also refill the gas in the ACs and guarantee a relaxed lifestyle.

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