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  • Lightning

    Give your house a beautiful and functional appearance by optimizing the lighting channels. Light your path according to the occasion, e.g. for night walks, movie nights, dinner scenes, or get-togethers.

  • Curtains

    Put to rest the monotonous tasks like opening curtains, blinds, and gates multiple times. Our solutions automate repetitive tasks and make your day smoother with less irritation.

  • HVAC

    Ensure your house temperature is maintained with smart thermostats that help maintain a safe and pleasant temperature when you get into the house. Monitor and control them using your smart phone.

  • Asset 23


    Immerse yourself in entertainment like you're part of it. Our solutions range from simple sound bars, speakers in the hall to more complex audio/video solutions, such as home theaters.

  • Security

    Make sure your house is prepared for the worst case scenarios, such as fire, flood, or any natural disaster that we cannot control. That way, burglars are less likely to sneak up on you.

  • Appliances

    Utilize your appliances to automate your daily routines and achieve easy satisfaction. Reduce time and energy consumption by automating your household tasks easily.

  • Garden

    Miss hydrating your plants while you are away on a vacation? Left your motor running while you were away? Worried about water and electricity waste? No problem. We're here to help.

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    How would it be if your home matched your mood? Let us create an atmosphere which is aligned to your daily tasks and create an active mood using smart home technology solutions.

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When you are tired and late home due to work, what helps you relax a little? A hot cup of coffee? Or some favourite music? Or maybe a soft light across the hall way? What’s the point of stressing out when all of it can be automated with the best solutions available?

Set your coffee maker to brew at a specific time, adjust the lighting to create a soothing mood, and get your bathroom heated with a hot shower and your favorite music to unwind after a long day on the job with smart home technology. All this is possible with our flexible and reliable solutions.

We offer support in automating home appliances, home theatres, security and lightning controls.


Lighting in the office can be more than just functional. Lighting in an office or industrial space affects your workers’ productivity and well-being. An environment that is well lit and well-designed will enhance your brand’s image, help you retain high-quality employees, and increase the perceived value of your office.

With automated controls, Harsha Enterprises can provide precise lighting for different applications in different zones or areas. Different brightness levels are required for task lighting, general illumination, and lighting in conference rooms, meeting areas, and corridors. We offer Lighting based on presence detection, Air conditioning control, Conference room automation


Adding automation to your hotels, hospitals, and work spaces can give the space a professional and futuristic look, while also improving functionality. In addition to enhancing the guest experience, our solutions are fully scalable, so you can start on one floor and move on to the rest of the property as necessary.

With our services experience a whole new level of style for your interior retail and hospitality spaces. Also tailor lighting to create welcome and memorable experiences while achieving energy efficiency goals that help you save costs and be a more responsible brand with Harsha Enterprises.